9 Stage Induced Voltage Trigger Prototype

A multistage induced voltage triggering system has one main problem, namely 'cross-talk'. When a drive coil is fired not only is there an induced voltage in the drive coils' own sensor but also in the sensors surrounding it. This happens due to the mutual inductance between all the coils in the system. In order to resolve this problem there needs to be some form of signal filtering whereby the triggering system only 'sees' the sensor coil which is next in the sequence.

This prototype forms the basis for investigations into the operational behaviour of multistage induced voltage triggering systems.

The images below shows the accelerator tube along with the coil spacer supports. The slots are cut on both sides and measure 3mm wide by 25mm long. The main purpose of the spacers is to provide somewhere to anchor the ends of the coil wire.


Fig 1. Accelerator with spacers trial fitted.


Fig 2. Close up of slots.