Electromagnetic Pistol: CS-P01A

This rifle design will incorporate the best advances in coilgun technology and portable high energy density battery systems. After looking into the UK firearms acts it looks like the muzzle energy is going to have to be restricted to around 2 J.

Here are a few specifications which are currently being considered (revised 12 Jan 03):

  •  Muzzle Energy - 2J.
  •  accelerator Length - 300mm.
  •  Overall Length - 700mm.
  •  Magazine Capacity - 20 Rounds.
  •  Energy Cell Capacity - 100 rounds.
  •  Firing Modes - Single round, single action.
  •  Firing Rate - 40 RPM
  •  Mass Limit - 6Kg

Since the muzzle energy spec has been vastly reduced it will be possible to get a much faster firing rate. It will still be a challenge to design a switchmode power supply that is both compact and powerful enough to accomplish the task.