Experimental Rig

The experimental rig consists of the main platform onto which are mounted the test coil/accelerator, the speed trap, the switching device(s) and triggering circuitry is mounted on its own raised platform.


Click here for a higher resolution image.

The rig can accept accelerators up to about 250mm in length and coils with diameters up to 50mm. The projectile arrester is lined with foam and a wad is placed over the opening. The projectile rams the wad into the arrester absorbing the energy safely. The whole layout has been designed to be modular so that the setup can be changed relatively easily. The arrester is useful for table top experimentation at speeds up to say 25m/s, beyond this I'll be removing the arrester and firing the projectiles into various targets to investigate damage to various types of 'soft' armour, ie cans :).