Coilgun / Railgun Type Links -

4HV Community

Great discussion forum.

Electromagnetic Guns Discussion Board

Talk to other people experimenting in this field.

Barry's Coilgun Site

A very thorough site covering lots of useful information. You can also learn how to build a magnetic levitation system.

The Magnetic Gun Club

This site has very good sections on FEMM and Spice simulations. There are also many useful electronic circuit designs.

Pskov 1100

Coilgun pistol design from Russia. Nice!

Gauss Pistol

A new site featuring a compact pistol with a laser sight. Photos show the component parts and there are videos of the pistol in action. Very nice.


A well designed site with lots of interesting experiments - coilguns, HERF, microwaves etc.


Many different projects to whet your appetite.

MadLabs Coilgun

A well presented coilgun project is featured along with other interesting topics.

The Coilgun Project

The author is beginning to construct his coilgun.

Hobbyist Railgun Production Journal

These guys are (or at least were) serious about railguns.

Power Labs

This is an interesting site. Amongst the many experimental ventures there's a high energy, capacitor driven, mulitstage coilgun.

Madgyver's Robobastler

Railgun and coilgun projects.

How to Colonize an Asteroid: Linear Induction Engines, "The Nail Shooter"

Details the construction of a 3-stage, capacitor discharge ,optically triggered coilgun.


No more coilguns on this site.


Semiconductor Manufacturers -

Get data sheets and application notes for most of the devices you'll ever use. You may need to dig around a bit to find what you want. Or just use google...

ST Microelectronics




International Rectifier




Finite Element and Electronics Software -


Get the free student version.


This one's also free and has unlimited nodes!


An industry standard package. With full 3D and MultiphysicsTM (coupled field) capabilities, this is a powerful set of apps. It's possible to get the student version of this software but it has a severely limited number of nodes. The user interface also takes a while to become accustomed to.


A full range of electromagnetic simulation products. The EmPulse package looks very interesting.

Electronics Programmes

Some free electronics related software.

UK Electronics Suppliers -

RS Components

They have a huge range of electronics, mechanical parts and associated equipment. Tend to supply in large volumes (mulitiples of 5 or 10) for small components like resistors.

Maplin Electronics

Supplies to the hobby market with a fair selection of components and equipment. They also have a network of stores across the UK.

Farnell Electronics

Like RS but harder to navigate.


Various electronics/electrical/computer/office type stuff.

Proops Brothers

Lots of electrical and mechanical stock aimed at the hobby market, nice site.


Data Acquisition and Oscilloscope Suppliers -

Measurement Computing (Computer Boards)

PICO Technology Limited


Omega Engineering

United Electronic Industries


Electronic Kit Suppliers -


Produce kits for the hobby market. Check out their various digital storage scopes (handheld and PC based).


General Science/Engineering -

Guide to the metric system

Covers all the units and prefixes used in this system of units.

Resistivity of metals

Values for the resistivity/conductivity of many metals.


Details lots of mathematical tools - vectors, calculus, matrices etc.

Science Hobbyist

Covers a multitude of basic concepts which can clear up long held confusion.

National High Magnet Field Laboratory

Lots of interesting stuff going on here. There's a description of pulsed magnets and construction techniques.


A site that provides links to a wide variety of industrial equipment.


Professional Organisations -

Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE)

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

American Institute of Physics

Institue of Physics