Switching Transient Experiments

These experiments look at the type of overshoot and ringing which occurs after a switching event. There are several possible methods which can be employed to remove the overshoot and ringing. The first experiment uses a small snubber to remove the ringing portion of the transient. Fig 1 shows how the snubber is connected to the coilgun circuit.


Fig 1. RC snubber connected across the switching device.


The snubber works simply by providing a low impedance path to ground for high frequency voltages. The only parameter which is measured in this experiment is the D-S voltage of the mosfet.

Two different snubbers were used - one composed of a 100 resistor and a 0.2uF capacitor, the other formed from a 25 resistor and a 0.3uF capacitor. The resistors were plain carbon types and the capacitors were polycarbonate.


Transient Suppression