The aim of these prototypes is to further the understanding of multistage coilgun systems. Raw muzzle speed is not the de facto consideration here. I'm more interested in developing reliable and accurate energy management in coilguns, the speed can come when I've learned enough to apply high energy discharges effectively.


16 Stage Optically Triggered Prototype -

This is an old design which was partially completed years ago. Each coil is wound on its own former which can be removed from the accelerator allowing it to be fully disassembled. It was originally intended to be the core component of an electromagnetic pulse rifle. Due to recent developments in the understanding of the theoretical aspects of coilguns, its main purpose now lies in the investigation of multistage optical triggering, covering areas such as triggering accuracy and reliability.

Current Status - Under Construction.


9 Stage Induced Voltage Trigger Prototype -

This coilgun design is built around a 13mm diameter slotted stainless steel accelerator tube. Each stage consists of a drive coil measuring 25mm long by 38mm outside diameter by 14mm inside diameter. A sensor coil is wound co-axially around the drive coil. This prototype will be the proving ground for multistage induced voltage triggering systems.

Current Status - Preliminary Design and Construction.


Electromagnetic Pistol CS-P01A -

As a stepping stone towards the rifle model I've decided to design and build an optically triggered 3 stage pistol. This will provide some useful design and construction experience and should be quite good fun when it's finally finished.

Current Status - Final Design and Construction.


Electromagnetic Rifle CS-M01A -

This rifle prototype will incorporate the latest developments in coilgun technology. It will utilise an induced voltage sensing system.

Current Status - Preliminary Design.