Electromagnetic Pistol: CS-P01A

After considering the mechanical and electrical complexities involved in designing and building an electromagnetic rifle I've decided that an intermediate project, which will iron out some of these potential problems, is a worthwhile endeavor. Fig 1 shows the current (Oct 2001) design iteration without its 'skin'.


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Fig 1. Pistol subsystem arrangement.


The following is a list of the general design specifications which I am working with:

  •  Muzzle Energy - 2.0 J.
  •  Accelerator Length - 160mm.
  •  Overall Length - 300mm.
  •  Accelerator Stages - 3.
  •  Triggering Method - Optical gate.
  •  Magazine Capacity - 10 rounds.
  •  Energy Cell Capacity - 90 rounds.
  •  Firing Modes - Single round, single action (semi-automatic).
  •  Firing Rate - 10 RPM.
  •  Mass Limit - 3.0 kg (quite heavy for a pistol).

These specs and design layout are subject to revision (in other words, if it can't be made to work then I'll need to change or downgrade something - probably firing rate or muzzle energy). The final operating muzzle energy has been reduced for potential legal reasons.

Design Centre

System Energy Requirements

Voltage Converter

Construction Zone

Accelerator Construction

Voltage Converter

Final Assembly

Testing Area

Battery Driven Accelerator Performance

Capacitor Driven Accelerator Performance