What's New



Updated the Lab Equipment page.


Added a page describing the implementation of a multi-stage induced voltage triggered coilgun.


Modified the first and third 'coilgun basics' pages. Cleaned up the links page a bit.


An experiment looking at the effect of flux path enhancement is added to the experiments page.


Corrected a diagram on the launch position experiments page.


Added a page describing the implementation of an induced voltage trigger, and a page illustrating a method of winding a neat, multilayer coil. Organised the experiments main page into categories.


Added experiments looking at the effect of launch position and a thyristor fired coilgun. Updated the current sensor page with another design. Also added a page concerning the calculation of coil inductance using FEMM. Minor changes made to several other pages.


Added a page with images of the pistol assembly sequence.


Loaded new site design.


Added a page describing the capacitor test firing of the pistol accelerator.


Added details of the final design and construction of the boost converter.


Added a page to the maths section which shows how the energy storage of an inductor circuit varies as a function of time. Added another link.


Added a boost converter circuit diagram to the Voltage Converter design page.


Added some material to the pistol design pages... It's getting there, slowly.


Added a theory section on electromechanical energy conversion which develops a mathematical model of the dynamic behaviour of a simplified linear motor. Added a rendering of the current pistol design iteration.


Changed the first Optimised Coil Parameters page to illustrate the effect of coil outer radius on the central field strength. Included a small experimental analysis to show the correlation between central field strength and projectile energy. Added a link to Afuriel's coilgun page.


Added results of the following experiments -

Optical triggering experiments.

Diode commutation experiments.

Mosfet switching experiment.

Transient suppression experiment.

Added pages covering the initial design and construction of a 3-stage electromagnetic pistol. Converted tabulated results into scientific notation format. Also corrected a really dumb efficiency calculation error in the open loop results. Added a small analysis of the dynamic internal resistance of the battery source. Added some links to new coilgun sites.


Corrected more typo's. Added some more images of the 16 Stage Opto Prototype showing the current state of development. Constructed a new current sensor which uses a smaller length of wire and so is less inductive. Added link to a list of the resistivities of various metals.


Amended some statements and added a note to the coil construction issues page (1) concerning force maps vs stress maps. Fixed a picture link on that page.


Amended some of the results data - I was using an erroneous mass value for one of the projectiles so the kinetic energy data was off. The difference was small but I may as well try and be accurate :). Added some info about drag to the projectile design page. Added a link to a new site.


Fixed some broken links and more typo's.


Corrected some typo's and added images of the 9-stage induced voltage coilgun accelerator.


Coilgun Systems goes live.

Added hit counter.